The best betting advice can be summed up in two easy points. Betting selectively and objectively is the key.

In order to bet selectively, you must show great patience. You should never bet on a game unless you feel very confident in your selection. Good sports bettors bet on less than 20% of the games during a particular season. In many cases, the best decisions you make are not placing a bet on a game you are unsure of.

The other key to betting is being objective. It sounds easy but for many bettors, it is not. People lose thousands of dollars everyday betting with their heart and not their brain. This includes betting on your favorite team to win simply because you want them to win and not because you think they will win.

Betting objectively forces the bettor to leave his or her bias out of the decision and look at every team equally. Just because you have seen your favorite team play more games than the other teams that doesn’t make them better. You should know their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone but not many bettors are able to use this to their advantage.

If you can bet against your team when you think they will lose, you are probably going to make some good money. People feel like they are doing something wrong when they bet against their team but if you know their weaknesses, you should capitalize on them. However, if you can’t bring yourself to bet against your team, you shouldn’t bet for them either. Your judgment is all thrown off when betting for the hometown team so often times its best to stay away from their games.