Online players bet aggressively compared to their offline counterparts - particularly in the no-limit and smaller pot-limit games where a player may risk his chip stack at any point in the game to acquire advantage in a hand. A common generalization no doubt, but it is a fact that seems to hold true.  Some sites have a ‘bet the pot’ button as an option in the betting round. In the real life, this action requires the player guessing the current pot, counting out his chips to match that pot, putting that amount in front of him (likely in multiple steps for big bets), and then doing the verbal bet; a laborious process that frequently weeds out weaker players trying to purchase a pot. The marvelous world of internet makes this process easier, since it does the counting and puts the bet in a single step and the automatic process means easier game mechanics. And easy means more individuals use it frequently than in the real life poker.
You may also notice that your online opponents are more inclined to push all-in unlike their felt-scraping counterparts. It becomes less depressing on the mind when you do not have to physically see the chip stacks, feel the gazes upon your face, and wrestle with the enormous decisions at the poker table environment. All it takes is an easy click of the no-limit button for betting, and then, there it is.
In online poker games, frequent betting all-in means that you will see more variance in the game than you’re probably see in the real poker games. You’re more inclined to double your chip stack and more liable to go bust, since the frequency of large betting is higher. This does not imply that you need to alter the strategy, but you do need to organize yourself or the large betting frequency may surprise you.